New View Recovery is a safe haven for your recovery from both drug and alcohol addiction. Our private, residential setting is a comfortable, casual and supportive environment that provides the perfect platform for recovery during the addiction treatment process. Our caring and qualified staff ensures our clients receive individual attention and comfortable amenities during their stay at New View Recovery. Through holistic healing, we facilitate our clients’ growth and development of healthy long-term recovery behaviors.

At New View Recovery we strongly believe that this comprehensive approach utilizing body-mind-spirit therapies, combined with sound conventional care, is the most complete and effective healing approach for renewal and rehabilitation.

We believe that by addressing the co-occurring disorders which are alcoholism, addiction or abuse issues that are experienced in conjunction with emotional or mental health disorders, people are given the best chance for long term recovery. The professional staff at New View Recovery is committed to offering clients state of the art, research based residential treatment services, delivered with compassion, dignity and understanding.

Holistic Healing

Taking a holistic healing approach to your recovery allows us to create an extremely personal plan for you to follow. By looking at every aspect of your addiction and you as a person, we can align you with the necessary therapies, nutritional plan, exercise regimen and spiritual guidance to heal you from the inside out. Choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle will enable you to create positive relationships and goals in your future.

Physical illnesses are often the symptoms of a greater imbalance in your life. New View Recovery helps you identify, address, and act upon your addiction. Holistic healing is not just a bandage for your current issues, but an ongoing journey and discovery of more answers to help you live a healthier life.  Holistic healing addresses every part of your life, from physical healing, mental health and wellness, emotional well-being, and your spiritual beliefs and values.

One-on-One Therapy 5 Days per Week

Receiving one-on-one therapy five days per week is virtually unheard of, especially for an all-inclusive treatment center. We believe one-on-one therapy is crucial for overcoming addictions and beginning the healing process. By focusing on you as an individual, we can provide the necessary life learning tools our clients need to remain sober and successful.

Residential Setting

Limited enrollment at Inclusive Recovery offers our clients personalized treatment and valuable attention they need during recovery. There is no substitute for individual attention offered in smaller programs with less than ten clients. A smaller, residential atmosphere encourages greater participation and interaction from clients and greatly increases their recovery successes. Our comprehensive treatment allows you to address your addictions and develop healthy habits for your continued success in the future.