Our Drug Addiction Treatment & Recovery Programs

If you or your loved one is in need of treatment, take the time to discover if New View Recovery is best for your needs.

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We can assess your personal situation and help you take the first steps to recovery and a healthy future. New View Recovery has extensive experience with helping clients beat their drug addictions through holistic recovery and an individualized, comprehensive program. Many clients and their families fear the effects of withdrawal and detox. This is a common concern and one that we are prepared to support. Our medical and non-medical detox support will ease you into the recovery process and ensure that you are physically and medically cared for during this difficult time. Our sobriety coach is available to discuss detox options as well as our treatment philosophy and program.

By embracing a whole body holistic treatment, we can focus on every aspect of your recovery and rehabilitation. We provide you with the tools necessary to live an addiction free life and begin your successful future. We understand that many people, not just you, are affected by your addiction. Our counselors work with you in a one-on-one and group setting to develop healthy behaviors as well as work with you on restoring relationships.

Our most successful clients have an inner awareness, actively participate and engage in therapy, and have an inner desire change their lives. Residential treatment facilitates recovery through extended support.